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Shredded Flank Steak with Carrot Rice

Updated: Jun 20

Submitted by Ingrid Portillo of @tiaingrid_recetas_mixtas

Shredded Flank Steak with Carrot Rice


Flank steak works best for this recipe. I’m using a pressure cooker / multi cooker.

Add flank steak to pressure cooker/ multi cooker, along with…

2 tablespoon Beef bouillon

1 Red onion

Fresh garlic

Bay leaves

1 tablespoon Cumin

Salt and pepper to taste

3-4 cup water

Cook for about 45 minutes under pressure, or in the oven, covered for approximately an 1 1/2 hour at 375°F.

Meat needs to be tender and pulls apart easily. Once flank steak is cool enough to handle, shred apart with two forks or clean hands. Set aside.

Save your broth you’re going to need later for the sauce!


To a large sauce pan or skillet, add the following and simmer…

3-4 tomatoes diced

1/2 red bell pepper, diced

1/2 green bell pepper, diced

1 medium white onion, sliced

2 to 3 tablespoon tomato paste

2 cup beef broth with the bay leaves.

Spices to taste…





Or add spices that you’d like.

Always add to taste.

Taste your food, If it needs more salt, pepper, or spices, now is the perfect time.

Add your shredded meat into the sauce.

Make sure you incorporate your meat well with the sauce. Cover and simmer on low for approximately 15 minutes.

For garnishing, add slice red onions. For serving suggestions, I’ll like to make a simple salad and carrot rice!

Carrot Rice 1 cup White rice, rinsed

1 Carrot, peeled and shredded

Prepare rice as usual, according to package directions along with the carrot. Once cooked, the carrot will give the rice a lovely golden color.

Submitted by Ingrid Portillo of @tiaingrid_recetas_mixtas

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